Creativity has no boundaries. All that seems unbelievable is actually feasible but it is just matter of time needed, as well as material or nonmaterial investment.

When creative people are faced with tide of overwhelming inspiration, they come up with incredibly appealing campaigns that charm clients at first glance. On a presentation slide all seems perfect and until the implementation starts, all looks ideal and like in a fairytale. Challenges we face at later stage – when we face concrete implementation. On one hand, when you shoot a TV commercial it is much easier because you will repeat the scene back and forth until you capture that “perfect” shot, while in BTL and implementation on the field, all is happening in real time and there is no chance for going back and repeating scenes, hence all has to function impeccably.

This is how I see ATL and BTL. For me, both are art, ATL being expensive film industry and BTL being romantic theatre. In ATL, as on the shooting set, we get perfect material by going back and repeating as many times as needed. In BTL, as in theatre, regardless of how well you are inspired, prepared and have read the script, something can go wrong and this is where true heroes are born. In BTL industry there are many unknown factors that are under our direct control and that can “ruin” even the best idea. We cannot influence the thunder and other weather conditions, we cannot influence the traffic on border crossings, sudden power or water outage. All these factor that we cannot control, represent additional dose of adrenalin that inspires and enables us to bring to life ideas that have been designed in our BRL minds and hearts. We start our creative flight, but quickly we come down to earth with responsible What If questions and thousand filters that each of our ideas goes through. As a result, many at first glance revolutionary ideas we discard because we are aware of the risks.

On the other hand, many ideas are built further, stronger while minimizing the risk and then we embark on implementation.

This is the main difference between ATL and BTL agencies – approach to thinking about consequences. On the field there is no possibility to do it again and to repeat. On a presentation slide you can put all kinds of ideas, but on the field only artists succeed. Being creative and very operational. That is why our working motto is #kreativnioperativci or #operativnikreativci