We live in an age of hyperproduction of content. Both brands and people are trying to something unique that will be watched by the masses. However, there is a lot of information around, we don’t have much time, so only the fittest content survives.

In such circumstances, there is still something that is watched and listened to endlessly, something that people care about and that they can’t wait for to be released. That’s music.

Thanks to streaming platforms the way in which we consume music has changed. Algorithms are allowing us to discover a wide range of artists. YouTube likes it when you upload content as often as possible, so the form of the music album has almost become obsolete. Song after song appears and an accompanying video is mandatory. Songs are also shorter – since monetization happens based on the number of views.

Brands have yet to explore this field and create meaningful collaborations with artists. For this to happen first and foremost the right artist needs to be picked, that is a good fit with the brand and with whom a collaboration will look authentic.