Running a company in compliance with the principles of social responsibility is more than just a good idea, it is an aspect of successful business. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is based on integrating the economic, social and environmental dimensions into the day-to-day operations of companies, thus contributing to the advancement of society and the growth of the companies themselves.

Within companies, CSR involves employees and is related to areas such as investing in human capital, health and safety, as well as change management. Corporate social responsibility extends beyond the company itself – to the local community. Combining these two aspects – internal and external social responsibility – is a feature of successful companies.

At HEINEKEN Serbia, through the global strategy “Creating a better world”, employees are committed to financial and environmental sustainability, and we encourage the creation of a better world for the community and the environment which we live and work in. Numerous initiatives and programs, in addition to programs aimed at reducing production costs, while maintaining the highest quality of our products, reduce water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions each year. In addition, we are committed to sustainable procurement, promotion and improvement of occupational health and safety, as well as continuous cooperation with the local community.

Achieving long-term goals and positive results requires detailed analysis, a clear vision, a systematic approach, time and commitment. As one of the largest beer producers, we pay special attention to addressing a significant challenge of modern times – responsible alcohol consumption, and we do this through a series of campaigns in order to promote the right and responsible approach to enjoying a full glass of our beer.

The nationally-recognised and award-winning “Guys, Who’s Driving Home?” campaign has been traditionally implemented during summer festivals, as part of which we have safely transported more than 250,000 of our consumers over the past seven years. As part of the “When you drive, never drink” campaign, we have organized workshops for faculty students across Serbia, with the support of public figures who helped convey the message about the risks one takes when driving under the influence of alcohol. The continuity in implementing CSR campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse reaffirms our commitment to the values ​​we promote and the creation of partnerships that contribute to enhancing the image and impact of our company and brands.

Since consumers build a relationship with the brand, in line with the values ​​that a particular brand nurtures, in 2018 we launched the “Together for the National Museum” campaign. Our Zajecarsko beer relies on tradition and heritage, and our desire was to motivate our consumers to contribute to the reopening of the oldest museum institution in the country. As part of the campaign, with the purchase of every specially designed can of Zajecarsko beer, our customers donated one dinar for the National Museum, which helped us raise almost 50,000 euros for these purposes. In addition, in partnership with relevant stakeholders, we have reconstructed three public artesian fountains in Zajecar, the city where we produce our Zajecarsko beer. These fountains represent the heritage of Zajecar residents, who have been meeting and socializing next to them for generations. In 2019, we also launched the “Making Serbia HEINEKEN green” campaign, with the aim of raising public awareness about the importance of recycling plastic, so that future generations can grow up in a clean and green Serbia.

Through all the fields in which we operate, we want to be proactive, involve our employees and continue to encourage others. On the other hand, relationships are built through trust, fair behaviour and selflessness. With the results achieved, we are confident that, together with all our stakeholders and consumers, we are heading in the right direction towards our common strategic goal – a better world.